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Dr. Valérie Julie Brousseau

Dr. Valérie Julie Brousseau

Doctor Valérie Julie Brousseau obtained a diploma in biology (genetics and evolution) in 2000 from Acadia University in Nova Scotia. She pursued her medical studies at McGill University (Montreal) where she had the opportunity to participate in research projects regarding pediatric ENT (Cleveland Clinic) and neurological development of the auditory system (Johns Hopkins University).

Having graduated in medicine in 2004, she specialized in ENT and cervicofacial surgery. After completing her major at McGill University, she trained in endoscopic ear surgery at the University of British Columbia and was the first to use this technique in Quebec in 2013.

In 2016, she graduated with “Honors” from the “Global Clinical Research Scholar Training Program” from Harvard University, where she also graduated in “Management” in 2018.

Doctor Brousseau offers a range of ENT and cervicofacial surgeries at the Centre Métropolitain de Chirurgie and participates in the GRS Montreal Voice Program, which allows people whose voice does not match their gender identity to reduce the resulting dysphoria.